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Photographer Ted Rozumalski was in New Orleans in 1964 to cover the Beatles for the Houston Chronicle. Ted was a talented photographer-he had already been recognized as press photographer of the year for his work in 1963, an honor he would again receive for his 1964 photos. His photographs appeared in National Geographic, Time, Newsweek, Life, and Sports Illustrated. Eighteen of the 147 photos he took in New Orleans that day are included in Beatles Day in New Orleans, some of which have never been previously published.

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WWL TV Interview

I was interviewed on WWL TV in New Orleans on Monday. I was lucky to get Eric Paulsen, who was a good friend of Fats Domino, doing the interview. He liked the book a lot and gave it a great review. Here is the link to the interview:

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Yes, Virginea, there will be a Beatles Day in New Orleans

Mayor Vic Schiro "OK's" the memo of his secretary, Virginea Burguiere, to proclaim September 16, 1964, Beatles Day in New Orleans.
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"I've got it on my calendar. Who are those guys again?"


The Beatles are penciled into Mayor Schiro's calendar for 8:00 p.m., September 16th at New Orleans City Park, with a notation to "follow up for names" for the Certificates of Honorary New Orleans Citizenship.

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Herb Holiday was a New Orleans radio DJ, promoter, and former race car driver. Although diminutive in stature, he did not shy away from taking on the biggest act of all time, although the price of the Beatles gave him sticker shock. On April 16, 1964, he signed the Fab Four to play in New Orleans City Park Stadium (now Tad Gormley Stadium).

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Several cities made offers to the Beatles booking agency for the September 16th date on their first tour of the U.S., among them: Miami, Norfolk, Washington, D.C., Charlotte, Atlanta, Louisville, Memphis, and Nashville. But the birthplace of rhythm & blues won out!

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