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My name is Steve Landry and you have arrived at the website for my book, Beatles Day in New Orleans. It's the story of the Beatles stop in New Orleans during their 1964 American tour and the impact that New Orleans rhythm and blues had on their music.


I grew up in Baton Rouge in the '60s listening to rock and roll on New Orleans' two powerful AM radio stations, WNOE and WTIX. They played the oldies that I came to associate with the Crescent City, songs recorded in New Orleans by New Orleans artists, such as Ernie Kado's, "Mother in Law," Frogman Henry's, "Ain't Got No Home," Frankie Ford's, "Sea Cruise," and Fat's Domino's "Blue Monday."


Although I have been a long-time Beatles fan, it was only in recent years that I became aware of the influence that rhythm and blues, and, in particular, New Orleans rhythm and blues, had on the Fab Four. It was only fitting that New Orleans would be included in the Beatles' first American tour in 1964, at the height of Beatlemania, and that their New Orleans show would be the wildest concert of the craziest tour ever.


I hope you enjoy the many beautiful stories about New Orleans rhythm and blues, the Beatles, and their devoted Louisiana fans in Beatles Day in New Orleans.


It's excellent...very well researched...a great book, a great read.
     -Eric Paulsen, WWLTV New Orleans



Read more about the book in Selected Works

"Ladies and gentlemen, the Beatles!" New Orleans City Park Stadium, September 16, 1964. The wildest show of the craziest tour ever. Photo by Ted Rozumalski