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Beatles Day in New Orleans

Quotes from the book:


"For centuries, everything in human history churned slowly towards Cosimo Matassa's tiny recording studio in New Orleans on that fateful day."

  —David Kirby 


"If the Beatles ever wanted a "sound," it was R & B-that was what we used to listen to, what we used to like, what we wanted to be like. Black."
    —Paul McCartney


"Beatlemania, madness, . . . chaos."

  —George Harrison  


"Paul was what I call a soul brother."

 —Clarence "Frogman" Henry.


"NOW, THEREFORE, I, Victor H. Schiro, Mayor of the City of New Orleans, do hereby proclaim the day, Wednesday, September 16, 1964, to be BEATLES DAY IN NEW ORLEANS."

"The [press] conference was wild...Like nothing you've ever seen."

   —Thomas Griffin


"I want to put my arm around you. You look like a nice fellow, Lord Mayor."

  —John Lennon


"I'm going to bring you to meet the Beatles."

  —Bob Astor to Fats Domino


"I have never seen anything like this."

  —New Orleans Police Chief Joseph Giarrusso


"Thank you, folks, those of you who are still alive."

  —John Lennon 


"Your Lordship, (that's what John Lennon called you, the Lord Mayor of N. O.)"

  —letter to Mayor Schiro 


"Baton Rouge, good evening!"

  —George Harrison


"And the next thing I know he [Paul]was sending for us to come out and play the gig for him on the Queen Mary."

 —Professor Longhair  


"Near the dryers, customers stand and fold their clothes on the spot where Little Richard recorded  'Long Tall Sally' and Fats Domino recorded 'Ain't That a Shame.'" 



"Rest in peace, Fats Domino."

  —Paul McCartney